Must-Have Cleaning Tools for Every Homeowner

Must-Have Cleaning Tools for Every Homeowner

Brooms, brushes, dustpans and mops are essential. Whether you are doing special cleaning after a few weeks or you are doing daily cleaning. Before you buy washer dryer, ovens, robot vacuum cleaner, vacuum cleaners, benchtop oven or dishwashers, you need to get these. Brooms can be long or short handles depending on how you plan to use them. A broom with a detachable handle is better as you can use it in multiple applications.

Spray bottles are needed when you need to apply cleaning products that come in liquid form. Essentially, you need spray bottles when you are cleaning your windows or when you are wiping your walls and do not need to use lots of water. You can also use these bottles when you are just wiping your bench top oven, your dryer or your tumble dryer with a cleaning solution.

Cleaning clothes and dusters are needed when you need to dust or wipe surfaces. Dusting clothes should be fluffy and be able to hold dirt while wiping clothes should be absorbent. You need to have different clothes for different surfaces, the clothes you use for cooktop, integrated dishwasher and freezers should not be used for the floor.

You need buckets or basins to hold water while you clean. A mop will have its own mop bucket. When you just need to wipe surfaces, get basins and buckets to do it. These are easy to get in New Zealand.

A vacuum cleaner would be great if you have it but it is not necessary. When you have it, however, it makes your work much easier and you can clean much faster.

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